Terms and Conditions

Bookings and Payments

  • Advanced booking are essential for all our trips. We accept your booking through this website and phone (+81-(0)80-39224-9610). If you don’t receive pre-trip information from us other than an automatic reply in 24 hours, there is a possibility that your booking have not reached us successfully with some cause. Please contact us by email tours@free-cloud.jp or call us +81-(0)80-3924-9610.
  • Online bookings close at 18:00 of 2 days before the date of the tour. Thereafter please contact us by phone (+81-(0)80-3924-9610).
  • For credit card settlement through this site, you need to complete your booking until 3 days before the tour. Please note that we accept cash only at our tour base. All prices on this website are quoted in Japanese yen and include tax.
  • All trips are subject to having sufficient numbers. The minimum number of people for each tour is two.
  • Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to change a booking. We will do our best to meet your needs, however, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee if any part of the activity is cancelled.
  • You can cancel a confirmed reservation, however, cancellation fees apply to short notice cancellations. The full refund period and cancellation fees vary depending on the timing, these are detailed below.
  • Please check in at our tour base at least 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time. We take tardy seriously and 100% cancellation fee might be applied as it may cause a serious delay or adversary effect on the whole tour.
  • Gofield Co.,Ltd. carries out the operation of this site and tour sale under the business consignment with Free Cloud. The inquiry about the credit card settlement, please contact Gofield Co., Ltd. Please understand that they may contact you directly in some cases.

Cancellation Policies

We understand that travel plans vary due to illness, accident and people simply change their minds. In turn, we ask our clients to understand that we may have turned away a number of keen people for the places we have reserved for you. We may also have committed expenses for food, staff and so on. So some cancellation fees will be applied to short notice cancellations as below.

  • Cancellation by clients
      ・Till 18:00 of 3 days before the tour   No charge (full refund)
      ・Till 18:00 of 2 days before the tour   30% of the tour price
      ・Till 18:00 of the day before the tour   50% of the tour price
      ・After 18:00 of the day before the tour  100% of the tour price
  • Cancellations and refunds once you arrive
    Once you arrive for your tour, and weather conditions are OK, the tour is running. Please note that we do run tours in cloudy and showery weather. We expect you to honor your reservation and no refunds will be given. Our cancellation and refund policies for tours disrupted by weather or sea conditions are detailed below. Refunds only apply to the loss of full days of your tour or where additional services that are included in the tour price could not be provided or accessed due to weather. No part refunds apply for part days lost due to delayed starts or early returns due to weather conditions.

Notice for Weather Disruption

  • Cancellations by Free Cloud

Bad weather may have an effect on the start of your tour, or it may arrive during the tour. We reserve the right to cancel trips or alter schedules if weather conditions are not suitable for group safety.

If we consider sea or weather conditions to be too difficult or unsafe, we do not launch kayaks and SUPs. We basically make a judge at the time of 7:00 (for morning tours), 11:00 (for afternoon tours) and 2hours prior to sunset trips on the date you have reserved.

Then we contact you by using phone to explain about the condition. Therefore, please let us know an accessible number for urgent communication. Only when we know that the running of the tour is obviously difficult beforehand, a typhoon is hitting the area for example, we contact you as soon as we decide cancellation.

  1. If weather prevents us from launching at our usual time;
    a)You can cancel your reservation and receive a full refund, or
    b)You can postpone to another day (if space available), or
    c)We may delay the start if conditions are expected to improve during the morning. In this case you still have the options of cancelling or postponing as above.
  2. If sea and weather conditions are difficult but safe, we still run the tour for confident clients only and provide suitable warm clothing. All other clients will be offered a postponement or a full refund.
  3. If sea conditions are good, but heavy rain is expected most of the day, we will run the tour and provide suitable warm clothing. You may choose not to join a tour in these conditions and you will be given the option of a postponement or a full refund.
  4. If weather conditions are cool or cloudy or with a risk of light showers but sea conditions are good, we will run the tour, providing you with suitable warm clothing, and expect you to honor your reservation.

Once a trip has been started we have a variety of contingency plans for bad weather and your guide will choose the best way.


  • We are very afraid but we refuse any request of independent rental use of all equipment belonging to Free Cloud such as kayak, SUP, MTB and other accompanying gears without attending our guided tours.
  • We will ask you to inform us of any existing medical conditions that could affect your ability to complete the tour when you arrive at our base. Some of our tours are catered and we should know whether if someone in your group is allergic to food, or vegetarian prior to the tour. The responsibility may be attributed to a false filer by any chance when an accident occurs by a false statement.