Privacy Policy

Free Cloud (“we”, “us”, and /or “our”) assume personal information as personal important properties. All people engaging in duties in Free Cloud observe the Personal Information Protection Law and regulations on protection about personal information, JIS Q15001. It is our duty to answer the trust from site visitors (“you”, “your”) by handling personal information adequately and safely.

  1. We employ a management representative handling information including personally identifiable data (Personal Data) about you and let the management representative perform appropriately.
  2. When we acquire Personal Data from you, we identify the purpose of use as much as possible and collect the necessary range of Personal Data from you.
  3. We manage the Personal Data which you provide appropriately and do not offer or disclose to the third party except the company with consent of you at all.
  4. We require the company which is provided Personal Data from us based on the agreement of you mentioned in clause 3 not to leak or offer the Personal Data by a contract and let them manage appropriately.
  5. We may contact you to give the information such as the service of ours considered to be useful for you by E-mails. You can stop or reopen these handling by proceeding with the formalities that we establish separately.
  6. We cope immediately as far as they are rational in the case of your request for inquiry or correction of your Personal Data.
  7. We observe laws and ordinances about the Personal Data that we hold and review each act mentioned above and make suitable improvement.
  8. About the operation of this site
    GOFIELD, INC. carries out the operation of this site and tour sale under the business consignment with Free Cloud.

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